Welcome into the Sacred Weaving World

Sacred Weaving is visioned, birthed, and led by Dr. Stéphanie Marchal, and provides beautiful retreats and events devoted to self-discovery; one-to-one mentoring to guide you through your transition; and preparation & integration sessions for rites of passage and psychedelic journeys.

At Sacred Weaving we come together with land and spirit to delve into the depths of the psyche to uncover your soul purpose and sacred work in this world, engage in wholing and healing work, and weave together the numinous and the ordinary. Learn to trust in the wisdom of your inner voice and how to make a conscious choice to sever your focus from the unhelpful noise of the outside world so that you can find your purposeful way.

Connection with Nature

Central to the work is a deep connection with the natural world. Sacred Weaving programs and retreats are held in serene natural settings, offering you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of the land. Through nature-based practices, we can facilitate a profound relationship with the Earth, serving as a catalyst for self-discovery and transformation.

Bridging the Chasm

The mission of Sacred Weaving is to reduce the chasm and bridge the gap between the depth of inner experience and its manifestation in the world. I believe in supporting both aspects – finding authentic vision and connecting with what I call The Deepest Breath, the birthplace of vision. Through our work together, I’ll help you integrate your authentic inspiration and inner direction to embody that vision.

Curiosity and Compassion

Our work is guided by essential ingredients such as mindfulness, courage, and space to support the weaving of depth experiences and manifestation. We approach each journey with curiosity & compassion, recognizing them as the twin wings of the bird that carries us towards our true purpose.

Upcoming Retreats and Events

The Guidance You’ve Been Seeking




At Sacred Weaving you will be accompanied on a transformative journey of integration, weaving together the strands of the sacred and of our ordinary human life, to bring forth authentic inspiration and directionality into the world, all within the nurturing embrace of nature.

You are invited to dive deep into your soul’s purpose through immersive retreats, personalized mentoring sessions, and structured integration programs. Explore the magic of the land, reconnect with your authentic self, and integrate profound experiences into your life’s journey. Walk along a transformative path with me and weave the threads of your story with integrity.

Pleased to Meet You

Dr. Stéphanie Marchal is a wilderness personal guide, and studied with Animas Valley Institute and Francis Weller among others. She works with people toward recovering their wholeness, uncovering their gifts, and applying these in their lives and for the good of their community. She has experienced wilderness as a powerful ally in these tasks.

She is also a registered psychologist working in Victoria, BC. Her practice focuses on relationships, attachment, trans-generational trauma and transitions/transformations.

Stéphanie | Sacred Weaving

She walked with me to the gate of my soul

Stéphanie works with the depth of who we are, calling us into our wholeness, into our wildest imagination, back to the land, within a community intent on building more livable worlds.

She walked with me to the gate of my soul, and offered me tools to journey toward my truths.

This work made room for tears that flowed from unimaginable depths, and made space for the most vibrant joy that I had forgotten how to allow myself to experience. This work has connected me to laughter and humility as I develop the capacity to see myself in the world with a lens of curiosity, compassion, and sacred rebellion.

Stéphanie is courageously leading individuals and communities to tap into our sacred knowing.

~ S.R. | Retreat & Integration Participant

The Retreat Centre

“Muck and Magic”

Cedar Song Centre for Wild Belonging is nestled within a beautiful 54 acre forest in the Highlands near Victoria, BC. It was founded by Stéphanie and Alaina Hallett, whose mutual dream was to create a protected space for deep nature connection, nature-based healing and long lasting community.

We respectfully acknowledge and uphold the W̱SÁNEĆ people and their ancestors, the original tenders of this land. This region is known traditionally by the name W̱MÍYEŦEN (place of the deer).

Mushrooms on the land | Sacred Weaving

Come lay on a blanket of thick mossy earth, surrounded by towering Cedar, Fir and Maple trees. Listen to the songs of the Pacific Wren and marvel at the sky dance of the Swallows. Embrace the soothing sound of the seasonal creek and waterfall. Wander down to a quiet lake for a morning or moonlit dip. With thousands of acres of park land, rolling hills and mossy bluffs surrounding Cedar Song, you can ease back into the natural rhythm of the Earth and reclaim the natural rhythm of your body, heart & soul.